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The DKE Laboratory, established in 1991, is a research facility in the Department of Computer Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), New Jersey's Science and Technology University, devoted to the area of data and knowledge engineering. The Laboratory is actively engaged in both forward looking research projects and applied research projects, designing novel algorithms and tools and tackling problems facing today's database and knowledge engineers.

The Laboratory has a four-part mission:

  • Develop instructional programs to train NJIT students in data and knowledge management skills demanded by industry.
  • Facilitate joint research efforts between researchers in academia and industry.
  • Provide infrastructure to support cutting edge research in data, information, and knowledge management.
  • Engage in cross-disciplinary research efforts with partners in the country and around the world.

The Laboratory has three major goals:

  • Enrich educational programs offered by NJIT in the areas of data and knowledge management as well as their applications in science, engineering and biology informatics.
  • Promote, foster and support collaborative efforts between NJIT and industry and between NJIT and research units in national and international laboratories and organizations.
  • Advance the state of the art in data and knowledge engineering by investigating and exploring fundamental research issues such as data integration, mining, cleaning and searching in scientific, biological, and modern databases.

Thanks for visiting our Laboratory. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jason T. L. Wang, Ph.D.
Lab Director


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The following students have made contributions to various phases of the projects conducted in the Lab.

Bhangiri, Seema
Cerequas, Jennifer
Chuang, Wei-Jen
Fernandez, Ruben Antonio
Fu, Peng
Gansert, Juliane
Ghai, Rashmi
Herbert, Katherine G.
Jancerak, Craig
Johnson, Philip
Jones, Mary Ann
Kalra, Achir
Liu, Jianghui
Lokhandwala, Munira
Lu, Joyce Ye
Natarajan, Rama
Neelavalli, Viswanath
Patel, Girish
Pysniak, Karen
Satija, Shishir
Shadaksharappa, Anchana
Shafiq, Mahboob Hasan
Shan, Huiyuan
Shih, Tom Tien-Hua
Spirollari, Junilda
Sunkara, Prathy Usha
Walawalkar, Girish Prakash
Yin, Michael Maisheng
Zhang, Sen
Zheng, Xinhuan